Australian TV nostalgia with Anne-Marie Gallagher — WOAE090

wandin valley

‘A Country Practice’ was a popular family drama which aired on Australian television from 1981 and into the early 90s and which is currently available on 7Plus. There has been a place for nostalgia television during the Covid shut downs and my guest, and sister, Anne-Marie Gallagher has been keenly re-watching the show in recent months. Anne-Marie shares insights about some of the beloved characters, production history, and social themes which were addressed in a progressive way for the time.

Listen using the audio player above or download the episode from the Wide Open Air Exchange podcast using iTunes or Stitcher or your preferred podcast platform.

Cast list of characters discussed:

Lorrae Desmond — Shirley Gilroy (nee Dean)

Brian Wenzel — Frank Gilroy

Shane Porteous — Terence Elliot

Penny Cook — Vicky Bowen

Grant Dodwell — Simon Bowen

Anne Tenney — Molly Jones

Shane Withington — Brendan Jones

Syd Heylen — “Cookie” Vernon Locke

Gordon Piper — Bob Hatfield

Joyce Jacobs — Esme Watson

Joan Sydney — Maggie Sloan

Honourable mentions of Bev the faceless switchboard operator, Fatso the Wombat and Doris the alcoholic pig

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