Australian TV nostalgia with Anne-Marie Gallagher

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‘A Country Practice’ was a popular family drama which aired on Australian television from 1981 and into the early 90s and which is currently available on 7Plus. There has been a place for nostalgia television during the Covid shut downs and my guest, and sister, Anne-Marie Gallagher has been keenly re-watching the show in recent months. Anne-Marie shares insights about some of the beloved characters, production history, and social themes which were addressed in a progressive way for the time.

The audio of this episode has been archived

Cast list of characters discussed:

Lorrae Desmond — Shirley Gilroy (nee Dean)

Brian Wenzel — Frank Gilroy

Shane Porteous — Terence Elliot

Penny Cook — Vicky Bowen

Grant Dodwell — Simon Bowen

Anne Tenney — Molly Jones

Shane Withington — Brendan Jones

Syd Heylen — “Cookie” Vernon Locke

Gordon Piper — Bob Hatfield

Joyce Jacobs — Esme Watson

Joan Sydney — Maggie Sloan

Honourable mentions of Bev the faceless switchboard operator, Fatso the Wombat and Doris the alcoholic pig

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