Nixon in China 50th anniversary

Jingdong Yuan was a student in China when US President Richard Nixon made an historic visit for diplomatic meetings, and these days he’s an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney specialising in China’s defence and security policy and Asia-Pacific security. In these respects Jingdong is the perfect guest for discussing the historical significance of the event as well as the legacy of the visit in the context of current US-China relations and China’s place in the world.

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A radio broadcast of this conversation will air on 2SER on Monday 21 February 2022 at 630pm AEDT which is the fifitieth anniversary of Nixon’s arrival in China, pictured above.

The photo is from the Nixon Library Gallery. All images in this gallery are work products of the U.S. Federal Government. Materials produced in their entirety by US Federal agencies are not restricted by copyright. 

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