Transborderism, Dr Mitxy Mabel Meneses Gutiérrez

An introduction to transborderism and how living at a borderland region is a formative experience and specifically, in the thesis worked discussed, the perspectives of pupils and students at the Cali-Baja region who routinely cross the Mexico-U.S. border.

Dr Mitxy Mabel Meneses Gutiérrez is a lecturer in International Relations and a researcher at Sheffield Hallam University with interests in postcolonialism and transborderism and a geopolitical focus on the Americas. 

This conversation includes a further introduction to the concepts of postcolonialism and the Global South in International Relations.

Listen to this episode using the audio player above or by podcast via iTunes or Spotify or Stitcher (or search for “Wide Open Air Exchange” on your preferred podcast platform).

A radio version of this episode was first broadcast on 2SER 107.3FM

The other Wide Open Air Exchange episode referred to during this conversation was with doctoral researcher Lydia Ayame Hiraidē and her interest in what it means to move towards a Black feminist theory of ecology.

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