Film chat with Davis Rivera

Catching up with film enthusiast Davis Rivera about what we’ve seen at the cinema in the past year and recent streaming habits. We also draw on Davis’ academic studies of film for an analysis of why ‘Jeanne Dielman’ (pictured) topped the critics list of best films of all time in the once a decade Sight and Sound poll.

Listen to this episode using the audio player above or by podcast via iTunes or Spotify or Stitcher (or search for “Wide Open Air Exchange” on your preferred podcast platform).

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Here is the full Sight and Sound video with analysis of the significance of the latest poll results (excerpt featured in this podcast episode):

And here is the full Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds version of ‘In the Ghetto’ as discussed and featured in this podcast episode:

The theme music of the Wide Open Air Exchange comes from The Pogues song ‘Tuesday Morning’.

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