What are the concerns about NLP?

This is a follow up to an introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) in response to a listener suggestion that we should consider concerns and fears about the technology. Dr Sarah Barns has an academic and vocational speciality in Digital Futures and is someone who thinks deeply about the history of technology and information as well as being an artist with creative practices (see Esem Projects and STORYBOX).

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To my knowledge Sarah had not expressed personal concerns about the technology prior to me inviting her on the program and I want to be careful to be clear about the context of this conversation. It was me asking Sarah about what have been some of the concerns and fears expressed in public dialogues about AI technologies, particularly NLP, on the basis that she is someone who is engaged with this subject and who I knew had used ChatGPT (see this LinkedIn post)

Here is a link to an earlier vocational chat with Dr Sarah Barns on the Wide Open Air Exchange in August 2022.

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