1920s and 30s swing and jazz music, Greg Poppleton

Greg Poppleton shares the origins of his interests in swing and jazz music of the early twentieth century and archival radio broadcasts of the era that he carefully curates and presents in non-stop mixes for his long running radio program The Phantom Dancer. Greg is a singer in that style and leads a Roaring 20s speakeasy dinner show, and he’s an actor on film, TV and stage and currently featuring as Joe Keller in a production of Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons.

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The songs ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘San Antonio Rose’ featured in this episode were supplied by Greg Poppleton, and other audio excerpts are from Greg’s radio program The Phantom Dancer.

Here is a video demonstrating Greg’s speakeasy themed dinner show:

Here is Greg’s acting showreel:

And here is the video for ‘San Antonio Rose’:

The book recommended by Greg during our chat is Live at the Continental by Steve Ostrow.

Part of this conversation was first broadcast on the radio by 2SER 107.3FM

The feature image was supplied by Greg Poppleton for use by the Wide Open Air Exchange.

The Wide Open Air Exchange theme music is derived from ‘Tuesday Morning’ by The Pogues written by Spider Stacy.

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