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Philosophy of love, Dr Tim Dean — WOAE086

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Valentine’s Day is a time when romantic love is idealised. This conversation explores the usefulness of different philosophical conceptions of love and considers contemporary applications of various ancient Greek words for love: éros, storgē, philía and agápe. Dr Tim Dean is a freelance philosopher, an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, and a faculty member at the School of Life.

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Dating and relationships, Lotta Haegg – WOAE025


Lotta Haegg met her husband through an online dating site after taking a proactive approach to finding a partner. She’s now happily married. I’m happily single and together we discuss our experiences of attraction, dating, relationships and break-ups. Topics include online dating profiles, first dates, falling in love, living together, resolving conflict, and the benefits of married life and single life.

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