Musical awakenings, Killian Gavin of Boy & Bear

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Boy & Bear guitarist Killian Gavin shares thoughts on some of the albums which have been influential in his musical awakenings—Cat Stevens’ Tea for the Tillerman, Neil Young’s Harvest, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Tamam Shud’s Evolution—as well as other reflections on song writing and live performance.

The audio of this episode has been archived

Below is a live performance by Neil Young mentioned by Killian during the discussion along with a couple of additional videos. One is an all-time favourite of mine which is relevant to our conversation. The other is a live Boy & Bear concert. Look out for a forthcoming new Boy & Bear album by following the band on social media.

Interesting to hear Neil Young’s introduction which explains his inspiration for the song. It’s not a father-son song as I had thought and as discussed with Killian.

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