The Wide Open Air Exchange brings you accessible introductions to subjects from across academic disciplines and special interest areas.

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Host Christine Gallagher worked in Sydney news-talk radio, 2003–2015, most recently as a Senior Producer at the Australian Broadacasting Corporation, before pursuing postgraduate research at the University of Oxford.

It was while a Clarendon Scholar at Oxford, 2015–17, that Christine was inspired to create the Wide Open Air Exchange as a way of recording some of the many fascinating conversations she was having with academics in various disciplines working on a range of interesting projects and novel ideas.

The conversations featured on the Wide Open Air Exchange continue to be guided by sincere curiousity and informed by an approach of seeking to make information and ideas accessible to non-specialists. It is a form of non-confrontational journalism with a thought that gentle efforts to understand different ways of thinking are as valuable as aggressively interrogating or pushing back on ideas.

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