Podcasting Q&A with middle school students


Answering questions asked by Year 8 students from Christian College, Geelong about the processes of creating a podcast. The students are researching, scripting and recording their own podcasts for a Digital News unit of study.

Below are time markers for sections and questions to help the students find the most relevant parts for their assignments.

00:00–01:48 Introduction

01:48–04:48 Script writing

04:48–09:35 Sounds and voices

09:35–11:42 Structure

11:42–17:58 Generating ideas

17:58–19:20  Research

19:20–21:30 Key tips

21:30–23:00 Final thoughts

Special thanks the to the Geelong Cats Football Club for approving the use of the Club theme song.

Audio from the following video was used as an example of vox pops along with a recommendation for the YouTube channel Behind the News

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