Gaming and Tech Exploration with Jeremy Ray

Jeremy Ray is a video game critic aka “Junglist” and content strategist for the blockchain tech company Enjin.  You’ll hear about Jeremy’s aptitude for problem solving and his interest in systems exploration which are qualities that have informed some of his vocational choices. We also discuss Jeremy’s use of the Zettlekasten system of note taking and his research interest in the relationship between wait time and toxicity in gaming.

Listen to this conversation using the audio player above or by podcast via iTunes or Stitcher or Spotify (or search for “Wide Open Air Exchange” on your preferred podcast platform).

Jeremy has been a guest on the Wide Open Air Exchange a few times and most of his episodes were archived along with the first few years of the program when the Wide Open Air Exchange found a radio home at 2SER 107.3FM in 2022. This conversation introduces Jeremy to new listeners who have recently found the program and covers new topics as well.


NFTs and blockchain

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