Yolngu musical artist Yirrmal

Yirrmal joined us via a studio in Yirrkala in North East Arnhem Land to discuss his music, culture, and community connections.

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Yirrmal shares how his earliest memory of music was as a child playing on stage with members of Yothu Yindi (one of the most famous Aboriginal musical groups) and how growing up in Daliwuy Bay and listening to his elders’ stories inspired his song writing.

This conversation has been reshared on 26 January which is a significant date in Australia’s colonial history. The Wide Open Air Exchange regards that date as a commemoration not a celebration and a moment to focus on Aboriginal perspectives.

This is a quote from Yirrmal during the interview:

“All of the songs for Yolgnu people it’s pretty much like bringing people together and making a unity as we are one people of Australia. And so our song it’s about healing – healing the times, healing the past – what it was before – and then we’re hoping for the better future to come to everyone living in Australia. We are all Australians”.

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