Former Superyachts steward and deckhand

Julia Beveridge is a former Superyacht crew worker with experience as a steward and deckhand. Julia reflects on this vocational experience and comments on the accuracy of the reality TV show Below Deck.

You can listen to this conversation using the audio player above or subscribe to the podcast for free via iTunes or Spotify or Stitcher (or search for “Wide Open Air Exchange” on your preferred podcast platform).

There you’ll also find an episode with Julia about her current vocation as a television Master Control Operator.

Both parts of the conversation were first broadcast on the radio by 2SER 107.3FM.

The audio montage from Below Deck comes from a few seconds of various episodes of the program owned by Bravo TV.

The theme music is derived from ‘Tuesday Morning’ by The Pogues written by Spider Stacy.

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