Heritage Interpretation, Sue Hodges

With 30 years of experience in the heritage sector, and as Managing Director of SHP, Sue Hodges exercises best practices in enabling the rights of Firsts Nations peoples to determine how their histories are told in the design and production of heritage interpretation. Sue is a doctoral researcher at UTS with a PhD project on the ‘Economic and social value of heritage interpretation’.

A version of this conversation was first broadcast on the radio on 2SER 107.3FM.

In this extended podcast version, we also discuss Sue’s international work and recognition as an international leader in heritage interpretation. Sue works with the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) as President of the Committee on Interpretation, which is a global role. Sue also shares further thoughts on History as a profession and her view on doing meaningful commercial work.

The new material in the podcast version begins at the 28:54 time marker.

You can listen to this conversation using the audio player above or subscribe to the podcast for free via iTunes or Spotify or Stitcher (or search for “Wide Open Air Exchange” on your preferred podcast platform).

Image supplied by Sue Hodges for use by the Wide Open Air Exchange.

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