Musical artist, Anarchosophist

Padraig Parkhurst aka Anarchosophist shares his approach to creating music and concept albums inspired by themes and musical ideas.

You can listen to this conversation using the audio player above or subscribe to the podcast for free via iTunes or Spotify (or search for “Wide Open Air Exchange” on your preferred podcast platform).

A version of this episode was first broadcast on the radio by 2SER 107.3FM.

Following is a list of the Anarchosophist tracks featured in this episode:

Whistling In An Empty Theatre

Happy As a Baby

Black Martyr On The Road To Salvation

Sentient But Not Alive

Sweaty and Fresh from the Grave

The Dull Hum of Downtown Pripyat

While I’m Awake (feat. Au Lait)

Music supplied by Anarchosophist for use by the Wide Open Air Exchange for this episode.

To hear more about Padraig’s musical experiences, he is featured on the Cassette Connection podcast linked here.

The Wide Open Air Exchange theme music is derived from ‘Tuesday Morning’ by The Pogues written by Spider Stacy.

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