Musical artist, Radical Son

Singer-songwriter Radical Son on finding his voice and why he sometimes chooses not to explain the lyrics of his songs.

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Radical Son invites listeners of his new single, ‘Until You Call My Name”, to interpret the lyrics for yourself:

I hear you call my name, wanting to engage; 

We’re all finding our way; we’re coping with the struggle; 

Life is just a game, and we’re all stuck in the middle. 

We’re challenged by the day; we’re put in this position; 

Pushed into the corner; the torment this delivers;

One step forwards and forever falling.

Below are videos of the other Radical Song performances featured in this episode of the Wide Open Air Exchange.

Credit: Sydney Festival

Feature image credit: Cameron Bloom.

The music featured in this episode is ‘Whiskey Priest’ by Vape Dadz used with permission.