Elvis tribute, Radford Ellis, Memphis

Radford Ellis is a Memphis singer known for his Elvis tribute on Beale Street. Radford knew Elvis for many years from care-taking at Graceland, initially cutting the yard. He was a confidant to Elvis, sometimes sitting on the roof together talking all night. Radford was also a body-double decoy for Elvis after concerts a few times. A musician in his own right, Radford was so often compared with Elvis that he was compelled to perform his songs. Music in this episode is used courtesy of Radford Ellis.

The audio of this episode has been archived

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2 thoughts on “Elvis tribute, Radford Ellis, Memphis

  1. Christine, Thank you so very much for the opportunity to do this Show with you. Carolyn enjoyed it also, She says Hello to you. It was absolutely a pleasure to have you in our home. God Bless You My Friend. Again Thank You.

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