Nominate a nonagenarian

We are seeking to feature intergenerational conversations with people aged in their 90s who have some aspect of their vocational history or a special interest that would be a good fit for the Wide Open Air Exchange.

Do you know someone who would be interested in sharing their experiences and insights?

This would include people who made vocational changes or had time out from their vocational life. It’s fine if the vocational pursuit was 50 years ago or if they took up a special interest recently.  If it’s you, you’re welcome to nominate yourself.

To contribute a suggestion, you can comment in the nonagenarian thread of the Discord group for the Wide Open Air Exchange or email

When you nominate a nonagenarian, please say why you think they would be a good fit for the program.

Discord is free to join. It may ask for an email registration (like other platforms) but it allows you to be an anonymous contributor when you choose your username.

This is not a competition and nominations will be subject to our regular editorial considerations.

The audio player embedded above is a segment from the 2SER 107.3FM Breakfast Show with Danny Chifley (morning radio in Sydney). It refers to a memorable intergenerational conversation I had with James Earl Jones at another radio station.

Here’s a photo I found in my personal archives from 3 January 2013 (when J.E.J would have been 81, nearly 82).

Here is a link to a transcript of Dr Lis Kirkby on the Wide Open Air Exchange which was also mentioned during my morning radio spot with Danny Chifley on 2SER. Lis was aged 96 when we had this conversation about her fascinating vocational life.

Thanks for your help with nominating a nonagenarian.

Christine Gallagher

Host, Wide Open Air Exchange

Feature image at top of page is by Takaeshiro from Shutterstock

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