Historian Catherine Freyne (radio version)

Revisiting part of a conversation with historian Catherine Freyne about her doctoral project which situates her own family experience of her father being secretly homosexually active with a wife and kids in an historical context.

You can use the audio player above to hear the radio version that was broadcast on 2SER 107.3FM Sydney.

The extended podcast version of this conversation (which is more than twice as long) is available by subscribing for free to the Wide Open Air Exchange podcast and searching in your podcast library for the episode titled: “Sexuality, History, and Family Memoir”.

The Wide Open Air Exchange podcast is available via iTunes or Stitcher or Spotify or by searching for “Wide Open Air Exchange” at your preferred podcast platform.

Catherine was a guest on the Wide Open Air Exchange in July 2022 whilst a doctoral researcher at UTS nearing completion of a thesis titled, “The Family as Closet: Gay/Bisexual married men and their families in Sydney, 1970-2000″.

Some of the primary sources that Catherine had been studying were her father’s personal correspondence and writings which document his experiences of having secret relationships with men and his reflections after leaving a 30 year marriage and claiming a homosexual identity.

Image supplied by Catherine Freyne for use by the Wide Open Air Exchange

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