Live at the Powerhouse: DJ Soup in conversation

This episode of the Wide Open Air Exchange was recorded with a live audience at the Powerhouse Museum as part of an event celebrating recorded sound, music, radio and audiophile content.

We learn about DJ Soup‘s lifelong interests in sampling and beat-making as a pioneer of the Australian hip hop and trip hop music scene in the 1990s and beyond, as well as his experience playing professional basketball for the Sydney Kings.

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DJ Soup is one half of Fonke Knomaads together with John TeOp Riley and this conversation was recorded on the 30th anniversary of the release of their debut EP, The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of…

You’ll also hear about DJ Soup’s early experiences experimenting with developments in audio sampling technology from a double cassette boom box to an Amega 500 and a K2000 sampler. 

DJ Soup shares his early musical influences in the family and some of the first records he recalls hearing and playing. 

To see a video of a square dancing event with an MC playing 45s (as described during our chat) you can click through to this external resource (Tyrell Historical Library).

Below is a video of DJ Soup on ABC TV’s Recovery program in 1997, as discussed during this episode.

Below again is another video discussed during this episode. This is the home-made music video submitted to Rage (an iconic Australian music video program).

The song is an interpretation of The Eurythmics’ ‘This Is The House’ by DJ Soup featuring vocalist Damian Millar from Groovescooter’s Re-fashioned vol.2 (Australian artists covering British tracks).

Above are some of the promo shots and album covers referenced during the discussion.

DJ Soup co-hosts the radio program Psychedelic Sundae with King O.P.P (Owen Penglis) on 2SER each Sunday from 12pm.

A version of this conversation with DJ Soup was first broadcast on the radio by 2SER in two parts.

The live audience event at the Powerhouse was proudly following Liz Giuffre and Robbie Buck’s session on a Brief History of Broadcast which was also presented by 2SER.

A track list of music in this episode will be shared here soon, and here are links to music by DJ Soup and Fonke Knomaads.

Images were either supplied by DJ Soup or photos owned by Liz Marques and Christine Gallagher.

4 thoughts on “Live at the Powerhouse: DJ Soup in conversation

  1. Thanks Georgie. It was good to include the Groovescooter video, thanks. Refashioned is a great series. Yes John was on fire with his stories. It was good fun. Thanks for listening to the podcast version.

  2. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Powerhouse and missed seeing the clips, but great to hear so many great stories John, hilarious ones (thanks too for the Groovescooter shout out). Christine so well put together . That was fun. Thank you!

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