Emeritus Professor Roxanne Doty

Emeritus Professor Roxanne Doty from Arizona State University has transitioned from academic writing as a Politics and Global Studies specialist to creative writing as a published poet and novelist.

During her academic career, Professor Doty’s work on anti-immigrantism and human rights and ethics informed a growing discontent with the kind of sanitised academic writing that was prominent in political science. This is the story of Roxanne Doty reclaiming a creative voice first within her academic writing and ultimately outside of academia as a published poet and novelist.

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A version of this conversation was first broadcast on the radio by 2SER 107.3FM.

This extended podcast version includes a further discussion of autoethnography as a method in academic writing, and more on Professor Doty’s approach to creative writing and her debut novel Out Stealing Water.

Here are links to Professor Doty’s journal articles that were discussed during the podcast:

Autoethnography – Making Human Connections‘, Review of International Studies 36, no. 4 (2010): 1047–50.

Fronteras Compasivas and the Ethics of Unconditional Hospitality‘, Millennium, (2006) 35(1), 53–74.

Maladies of our souls: identity and voice in the writing of academic international relations‘, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, (2004), 17:2, 377-392

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