Charities and Social Sector Lawyer Darren Fittler

Darren Fittler is a senior lawyer who runs a Charities and Social Sector practice. He shares his vocational story and life philosophy. Darren is a person who is blind and he explains the difference between the social model of disability as distinct from the medical model. We also hear about Darren’s approach to community service, his prior advocacy at the United Nations, his turn to stand-up comedy, and his positive attitude to emerging AI technology.

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Part of the conversation is about Darren’s recent turn to stand-up comedy and his enjoyment of public speaking and the feedback of making people laugh. Below is a video of Darren performing the ‘Fancy Lunch’ song which is discussed in this episode.

Video supplied by Cameron Woods for use by the Wide Open Air Exchange.

Feature image supplied by Renee Fittler for use by the Wide Open Air Exchange.

The music featured in this episode is ‘Whiskey Priest’ by Vape Dadz used with permission.