East German progressive rock of the Honecker era

Musicologist Padraig Parkhurst is a doctoral researcher studying East German progressive rock (Ostrock) and other popular music of the early Honecker era. This conversation incudes a discussion of anti nuclear war songs of the Honecker era and Padraig’s general interest in the localisation of progressive rock in different locations (with reference to Italy, Spain, Chile, UK).

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Padraig has been on the program under his musical artist alias Anarchosophist, linked here.

Feature image: Horst Krüger-Band

Theme music: ‘Whiskey Priest’ by Vape Dadz.

Below is all of the other music featured in this episode.

Klaus Renft Combo, ‘Als ich wie ein Vogel war’:

Horst Krüger-Band, ‘Tagesreise’:

Panta Rhei, ‘der Losverkäufer’:

Alphataurus, ‘La Mente Vola’:

Los Jaivas, ‘La Poderosa Muerte’:

NO55, ‘Welt in Visionen’:

Berluc, ‘No Bomb’: