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The Avengers and Marvel Cinematic Universe with Jeremy Ray from Fandom — WOAE080

A guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Jeremy Ray, Managing Editor for FANDOM. If you’re interested in The Avengers but the thought of catching up with 23 movies is stopping you from investing time in the series this conversation should help you get on board. You’ll find an introduction to some of the Avengers characters and a snapshot of the story arcs across the three phases of Marvel movies as well as a short list of 5 or 6 must see films.

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The FANDOM Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki lists the movies in chronological order should you want to follow along with that part of the conversation.

This episode was recorded at the FANDOM headquarters in Sydney and the feature image on the podcast post webpage is a photo of an entire wall in the Marvel meeting room there.



Bisexuality, gender, race, Carolyn Davis, Austin – WOAE009

Carolyn Davis is co-host of the podcast Snatched! and a doctoral researcher at the University of Texas. One of the few black people in her grad program, Carolyn discusses diversity issues in Austin as well as national racial injustices with policing and the prison system. Carolyn shares personal insights as a queer bisexual woman. We also discuss her research of 18th century transatlantic literature and the class she teaches about fandom.

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