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Introduction to Chemistry, Dr Adrian George — WOAE079

adiran george

A conversation about chemistry with no assumed knowledge. Chemist Dr Adrian George explains some of the history of chemistry as a discipline and gives an introduction to foundational concepts along with examples of how the knowledge of Chemistry is applied and can explain so much around us. Adrian is a senior lecturer with the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney.

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Nonagenarian Dr Lis Kirkby – former actress, broadcaster, parliamentarian, and doctoral researcher – WOAE050  

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 14.31.32

Dr Elisabeth Kirkby shares insights from her lifetime of vocational pursuits. Lis was a theatre actress in Britain, a radio broadcaster in Singapore and Malaya, and a star of the Australian television soapie ‘Number 96’ before becoming a parliamentarian and state leader for the Australian Democrats political party. At the age of 93, Lis graduated with a doctorate from the University of Sydney.

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