A Republican perspective, Ben Daus-Haberle

Ben Daus-Haberle is co-president of Republicans Overseas UK in Oxford where he is studying International Relations. Ben hails from Massachusetts and his parents were Democrats. He worked for John Kerry and campaigned for Obama in 2008 before having an intellectual and ideological conversion to Republicanism whilst studying at Yale University. On the eve of the U.S. presidential election, Ben shares what being Republican means to him as well as his thoughts on Trump and the future of the Republican Party.

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One thought on “A Republican perspective, Ben Daus-Haberle

  1. ‘t Then too I suspect Ben Daus-Haberle would say that Hitler will probably never become the head of the government’ wasn’t Hitler actually in jail, in Munich?
    So too Ben Daus-Haberle would that Trump isn’t so good but will not become President, or if so, he would change from what we know of him by his campaign?
    Ah, the arrogance of the very intelligent, but didn’t Ben say he studied history?
    Albert J. Haberle, DVM

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