Trump’s appeal and thoughts on his presidency

Since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election I’ve received several messages from friends asking how this could have happened. Here is a little of my conversation with Gabriel Delaney from before the election in which he gives a good overview of how support for Trump is a push back against political correctness and elite establishment politics in America and a reflection of white nationalism by a portion of the population.

The audio of this episode has been archived

To be clear, Gabriel is a Democrat and was supporting Hillary Clinton. This conversation was an election explainer and an overview of the political narratives of each of the candidate’s campaigns.

I’ve seen an outpouring of grief over the election result and fear of what’s to come. Maybe I’m overly optimistic but I’m expecting Trump to be more restrained in office than in campaign mode. The realities of the presidency and institutional checks and balances should reign him in. He’ll likely continue to have loose lips but I struggle to imagine him going through with some of his wild ideas. Here’s hoping.

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