Trump’s win, Mitchell Robertson

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Post-election analysis including a breakdown of voter demographics with Mitchell Robertson from Oxford University. Mitchell explains who voted for Donald Trump in terms of sex, age, race, education, and geography and where Hillary Clinton fell short. We also discuss the House and Senate results and the prospects for Trump pursuing his policies. Mitchell is a doctoral candidate associated with the Rothermere American Institute and he has a Master of Studies in United States History from Oxford University.

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4 thoughts on “Trump’s win, Mitchell Robertson

  1. Loved listening to Mitchell’s summary…very proud of him ( we are his parents!). Grant and Tricia Robertson

  2. Very thorough Mitchell, well done. You mentioned some very interesting stats.
    I don’t understand how the USA can call itself “The Great Democracy” when they ignore the outcome of the popular vote. I thought the basis of a true democracy was “one man, one vote”. Also, in this day of instant mass communication, the Electoral College is no longer necessary and, as been shown in this election, can result in the opposite of what the voting majority actually want. Doesn’t it say somewhere, in another important document, “…..We, the people…..”?

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