Danny Chifley aka Banga

Talking comedy, hip hop and radio with MC and broadcaster Danny Chifley aka Banga. It takes a few minutes to wrangle the conversation from Banga comedically riffing about his form as an altar boy to getting deeper into his experiences with music creation and radio broadcasting.

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Banga has been making music for more than 20 years including hip hop with Chaos Maths and Dirtbox Kings and more recently making electronic, ambient and experimental sounds with Vape Dadz.

This episode features two tracks by Chaos Maths (pictured below) from the album Down Like That.

L to R: DJ Jodes, Banga and Dave (the D).

Here’s a link to the show archives for 2SER’s Hardcore Classic featuring Banga, DJ Jimmy the Hand and the Hardcore Classic crew (pictured above).

And you can find a concise 30 minute radio edit of the conversation with Danny Chifley at the 2SER 107.3FM home page of the Wide Open Air Exchange.

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