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The Zettelkasten knowledge management system — WOAE094

An introduction to the Zettelkasten note-taking and knowledge management system which was famously used by sociologist Niklas Luhmann in the mid-twentieth century to inform his extensive research output, and recently made accessible to learn as a method by Sönke Ahrens through his book How to Take Smart Notes.

Jeremy Ray explains the method and its uses and shares his own experiences using Zettelkasten software and in developing a theory about video game toxicity.

The Zettelkasten method has come to the attention of thinkers and researchers interested in long-term productivity and creativity. The method is said to illuminate connections between ideas by producing clusters of thought, including interdisciplinary links, which may not otherwise have been recognised by a researcher.

There are some excerpts from the discussion posted to the new Wide Open Air Exchange Youtube channel and the full conversation can be heard using the audio player above or by accessing the podcast from your preferred podcast platform such as iTunes and Stitcher.

The full conversation includes a chat about the Rationalist community and an idea for a knowledge-sharing Philosophy forum.

Here are some further items of interest provided by guest Jeremy Ray as discussed in the full podcast episode:

Obsidian is the app Jeremy currently uses for his Zettelkasten note taking

LessWrong is a rationalist community site resurrected by Eliezer Yudkowsk in 2017

And Scott Alexander’s new blog

These links are not endorsements of the sites as I haven’t explored these for myself yet.

And here are the Youtube excerpts embedded for your convenience if you prefer not to navigate away from this page.

Christine Gallagher

Foundations of ancient Greek philosophy — WOAE087

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 23.53.38

A brief introduction to the contributions of Socrates and Plato and other influential ancient Greek thinkers with freelance philosopher Dr Tim Dean. This is an unpublished excerpt from a longer conversation with Tim about the Philosophy of Love.

Soon to come, a History episode with Professor Barbara Caine about changing attitudes towards biography as a method throughout historiographical turns from around the 17th century to the present.

Philosophy of love, Dr Tim Dean — WOAE086

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Valentine’s Day is a time when romantic love is idealised. This conversation explores the usefulness of different philosophical conceptions of love and considers contemporary applications of various ancient Greek words for love: éros, storgē, philía and agápe. Dr Tim Dean is a freelance philosopher, an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, and a faculty member at the School of Life.

Listen using the audio player above or download the episode from the Wide Open Air Exchange podcast using iTunes or Stitcher or your preferred podcast platform.