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Philosophy of love, Dr Tim Dean — WOAE086

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Valentine’s Day is a time when romantic love is idealised. This conversation explores the usefulness of different philosophical conceptions of love and considers contemporary applications of various ancient Greek words for love: éros, storgē, philía and agápe. Dr Tim Dean is a freelance philosopher, an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, and a faculty member at the School of Life.

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Classicist Dylan James, Oxford – WOAE016


Dylan James is a Clarendon Scholar of Ancient History in the Classics Faculty at Oxford University who specialises in Greek and Roman historiography. We discuss his intellectual development from being fascinated with ancient history and classics as a child to learning Latin and Greek languages as a young man so he could study classical texts for his honours, masters, and now doctoral research.  Dylan is somewhat of an all-rounder and we also chat about his other pursuits in music, sport, comedy, and politics.

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